Keeping It Real With B2BMX Speaker Jeff Marcoux Of TTEC

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Today’s B2B buyers expect relevant experiences at every touchpoint, so the topic is sure to be a key theme during #B2BMX.

To continue our spotlight of B2B powerhouses taking the stage at this year’s event, we spoke with #B2BMX veteran Jeff Marcoux to learn more about why personalization and context are table stakes for companies, as well as get a sneak peek into his presentation titled: Putting Personalization To Work In B2B: How Brands Are Building Contextual Customer Journeys.

Marcoux is the VP of Product Marketing & Customer Experience Solutions at TTEC (formerly TeleTech) and is focused on helping brands deliver experiences that reflect the very best of humanity. Learn more about him and his B2BMX session below!

B2BMX: Tell us about your role at TTEC and how you help drive business impact for tech and telco marketers? 

Jeff Marcoux: I am responsible for product strategy and product marketing at TTEC, a global customer experience company that designs, builds and operates captivating omnichannel customer experiences on behalf of the world’s most prestigious and innovative brands. TTEC Digital is the company’s digital center of excellence, blending strategic consulting services and cloud-based technology platforms to design and build innovative customer experiences, all powered by insights. TTEC Engage is the company’s global hub of operational excellence providing clients award-winning, turnkey customer acquisition, care, revenue growth, and digital trust and safety services. I look across TTEC Digital and TTEC Engage to see where the business needs to go, what our customers are asking for, disruptive technologies and trends on the horizon, and helping both TTEC and our customers digitally transform. For the past several months, this has involved looking at chatbots, intelligent virtual assistants, predictive demand generation as a service, advanced customer data platforms and journey personalization. In addition to my role at TTEC, I am also a professor of marketing for Oregon State University & UC Irvine where I get to constantly draw on real-world applications to educate the marketers of tomorrow.

B2BMX: Why are personalization and context becoming table stakes for companies today? What advice would you give marketers who are just beginning to work on these strategies?

Marcoux: Simply put, customer experience is becoming more important than price, product or features in today’s business world. Personalization is the key to enhancing and differentiating your brand from your competitors. Rarely is it a marketing campaign that convinces someone to buy from us but rather the aggregation of interactions with our brand from their friends, word of mouth, our marketing, sales, on boarding experience, etc.

We are seeing more and more research show that people do not want to be seen just as a number by the companies with whom they do business. Not only is personalization key, but there is immense importance placed on the ease of doing business in this world of instant gratification. Marketers must look for those moments that are most important to impact and determine the value of personalizing these interactions at scale. Steps for this include:

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes;
  • Create buyer personas and clearly understand their pain points and needs;
  • Map your buyer journey by product or offering from purchase through to on-boarding and retention; and
  • Look for the moments where personalization could drive the most impact.

We will dive deeper into these concepts and more advanced ones in my talk at B2BMX and I’m looking forward to hearing others’ opinions.

B2BMX: What real actionable takeaways can attendees expect from your session at B2BMX?

Marcoux: Honesty and authenticity are often missing from marketing conferences. Attendees hear so much of the latest hype and technology without the presenters considering where most businesses are in their execution journey today. In my session, I plan to hit on personalization’s key trends, blending both technology and strategy, and provide key steps that an individual can take to get started in their organization immediately.

B2BMX: What are you looking forward to the most about B2BMX this year?

Marcoux: This will be my second time to B2BMX and I couldn’t be more excited to return. B2BMX is one of, if not the best, marketing conferences I have been to. It is very focused on education and learning, and the conversations are truly authentic, versus other conferences where the focus may be more around vendor pitching. I learned so much last year and look forward to learning more this year and catching up with old friends.

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