JDA Software Exec Discusses Role Of Cause Marketing In B2B

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B2B marketers have a lot on their plate: demand generation, lead nurturing, ABM and more. But marketers shouldn’t get so lost chasing after leads that they forget about the big picture and the powerful affect they have over brand image and building customer loyalty and trust.

By prioritizing cause marketing, organizations can not only give back and make a difference in their community, but they can also strengthen their relationships with employees and customers. In fact, industry research shows that 70% of Americans believe companies have an obligation to act on issues that may not be directly relevant to their business operation and 88% of consumers say they are more loyal to a company that supports a social or environmental issue.

JDA Software, a supply chain cloud platform provider, recognizes the importance of cause marketing and even won a Killer Content Award for their efforts at the 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange.

The company launched a “Wednesdays for Women” blog series in 2017. The weekly series was designed to uplift women and share stories from women who work at JDA, female executives among JDA customers and more. It has received more than 14,000 page views with viewers spending an average of three minutes per page.

In an exclusive interview, Beth Elkin, Group Vice President of Marketing at JDA Software, discussed:

  • Why B2B marketers should prioritize cause marketing;
  • How cause marketing can be used to improve customer and employee relationships; and
  • Other ways marketers can improve their campaigns in 2019.

Watch the full interview above to hear the story behind JDA’s Killer Content Award-winning campaign and get some inspiration for implementing cause marketing in your organization!

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