How To Develop A “Super” Cadence & Master Allbound Marketing

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“Better together” was the overarching theme of the inaugural B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange for a reason. It’s time to remove the friction between sales and marketing once and for all and work together to create out-of-this world, effective campaigns. 

We know that’s easier said than done. That’s why for the third episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast, we’re spotlighting a real-world example of how one brand removed the silos on their team, and in return, booked a ton more demos and increased YoY marketing-sourced revenue by 60%. 

Check out the episode below to hear Kevin Dorsey and Jared Jost of PatientPop discuss how they mastered an allbound approach by having tough conversations and taking a hard look at their existing processes. You’ll hear: 

  • Why asking your customers for feedback can help you develop better marketing messages;
  • How to leverage the specific strengths of your marketing and sales team members;
  • How to enable an allbound approach to engage prospects through online and direct channels.

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