How To Build An All-Star Marketing Squad

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Have you ever looked at a marketing team with heart eyes and wondered how a collection of such creative and effective workers was formed? You’re not alone. Most B2B organization struggle to identify the candidates with the right skills for specific jobs, leaving them with a marketing department full of holes and a lot left to be desired. 

Wes Lieser of Versique has been around the block, helping companies tackle their hiring and employee retention woes. In this episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcasthe spotlights the common challenges B2B organizations face at all stages of the hiring process and how they can:  

  • Create job roles that align with tasks and objectives;
  • Improve interviewing and onboarding processes; and
  • Building a top-notch marketing team.

“Good companies become great because of the people,” Lieser said. “It’s not who does it first. It’s who does it best and who has the best people.”

Check out the episode below to hear: 

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to hire a “job hopper;”
  • How to avoid a bad hire; and
  • How to overcome the challenges in hiring a demand gen professional.

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