How To Break Down The Barriers Between Sales & Marketing

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Finger-pointing, accusations and deflections — no, this isn’t a Real Housewives reunion; it’s a meeting between sales and marketing following a soured deal or missed target. 

Season 5 Episode 2 of the #B2BMX Podcast replays Qualified’s breakout session from the 2021 B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange featuring Sarah McConnell. Throughout the presentation, McConnell provided five valuable tips to help eliminate interdepartmental barriers and promote more efficient and successful RevOps.  

Tune in now to learn all about: 

  • The importance of a company’s website in promoting sales and marketing alignment;  
  • How to eliminate economic and cultural friction that contributes to animosity between departments;  
  • How to leverage conversational marketing to promote and maintain alignment; and 
  • Real-world examples featuring top-converting conversational marketing strategies to help create pipeline and accelerate deals.