How Photogrammetry & Web3 Fit Into B2B Marketing

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Modern B2B marketers can captivate their customers and amplify their campaigns with state-of-the-art experiences, utilizing everything from interactive 3D billboards to augmented reality shopping. David Morris, an Experiential Consultant with NYCAP3D, is helping educate B2B leaders on how Web3 integrations and photogrammetry – the science and tech of making measurements from photographs – are exciting new tools that can build deeper emotional connections with customers.

In this episode, David shares details on photogrammetry, how it fits in the B2B marketing landscape and practical ways to leverage this new technology to build relationships with potential customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • David’s thoughts on the current state of the B2B marketing landscape;
  • How photogrammetry and other Web3 integrations impact the “quality versus quantity” debate in B2B marketing; and
  • What B2BMX 2023 attendees can expect from David’s session in Scottsdale.

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