Getting Creative With Social Media Marketing

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Who would’ve thought back in the days of Myspace, LiveJournal and Xenga that social media would become a crucial ingredient in every marketing mix and a key channel for B2B brands to engage with buyersconsumers… and even close deals?  

While B2C companies have a leg up on B2B companies when it comes to social media content, modern B2B marketing teams have become very creative with the ways they engage on channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and, more recently, TikTok and Instagram. 

We have a treat for all you social media buffs out there this week on the B2BMX Podcast. Host Klaudia Tirico sat down with Xenia Muntean, CEO and Co-Founder of Planable, to discuss how brands can unlock the full potential of social media. Xenia is passionate about all things social media, so we got the inside scoop on what it takes for B2B brands to stand out on social channels to reach audiences in a fun and engaging way.  

Tune in to hear: 

  • How social media content creation varies across B2B industries;  
  • The role of social media content management and collaboration;  
  • The steps orgs can take to unlock social media content’s full potential;  
  • Key considerations for scaling social media content; and  
  • Unique examples of B2B social media content done right. 

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