Finny Friday: How Zaius’ Buyer-Focused Campaign Gives Audiences The ‘Netflix Experience’

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There has been a lot of talk in the B2B community about creating the “Netflix Experience” for target audiences. B2B buyers aren’t looking to be led down a content rabbit hole; they want to be in control and consume content when, where and how they’d like.

An excellent example of this is The Empowered Marketer campaign produced by Zaius, a B2C CRM platform provider. The campaign — which recently won the company a Killer Content Award in the “Buyer-Focused Content” category — aims to provide a collection of videos, podcasts and blogs produced for marketers, by marketers. The Empowered Marketer is designed to enable Zaius’ audience with actionable insights on how real marketers captivate their audience, convert new buyers and drive long-term customer loyalty.  

Each episode of the series includes a short, two-minute video, a lengthier podcast and a blog post —offering multiple opportunities for the buyer to consume the information in their preferred way. Across all platforms, each episode garners about 4,000 downloads/views per month.

On June 12 at 2 PM ET, I’ll be sitting down with Zaius’ Cara Hogan to chat about their recent Killer Content Award win and get a behind-the-curtain look at how she and her team brought this campaign to market.

Topics on the docket for the conversation include:

  • What Zaius’ ideation process looks like when formulating campaigns designed to focus heavily on the buyer;
  • The importance of producing tactical content for a marketing audience;
  • How choices were made to use specific content formats, such as podcasts, social videos and blogs;
  • How Zaius tracks success with the campaign spanning a variety of content and channels;
  • Tips and best practices for partnering with industry experts and influencers on buyer-focused campaigns;
  • Surprises, challenges and hurdles Zaius faced when executing their award-winning campaign; and
  • The variety of lessons learned by Cara and her team from experimenting with formats and channels.

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