Brian Fanzo On How To Influence The Influencers

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Brian Fanzo isn’t your typical event speaker. You won’t find him buttoned-up in a suit standing in one spot on stage. You’ll find him in bright colors and a baseball hat, energetically taking control of the space.  This – as well as his knowledge about brand authenticity and Millennial professionals – is why we’ve brought Brian on to be a keynote speaker at the 2020 B2B Marketing Exchange. During his session, he’ll speak about how B2B brands are bridging generational divides for teams and buyers. 

If you can’t wait until February to hear Brian speak, you’re in luck. This week’s episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast features a lively conversation with the Millennial speaker and Demand Gen Report’s own Alicia Esposito and Brian Anderson. As a self-proclaimed “change evangelist” Brian has been a champion for helping B2B brands realize what they need to succeed with buyers is empathy and trust. 

Listen in and learn about: 

  • Brian’s start as a cybersecurity worker for the Department of Defense;
  • Brand authenticity and how that is making and breaking B2B deals;
  • Understanding the Millennial mindset to communicate with potential customers on their terms;
  • Having authentic relationships with customers that can turn them into brand advocates; and
  • Using that relationship to fuel go-to-market initiatives via tactics such as influencer and customer marketing.

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