B2B Veteran Ardath Albee Talks Empathy and Emotion in Marketing

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Ardath Albee is easily considered one of the leaders in B2B marketing and content strategy. While she believes tapping into emotion and empathy has always been important, over the past year, it has become table stakes. 

Consider how daunting it is to research all your options, compare them and whittle down options based on specific criteria. Then, think about how arduous it is to validate the investment, go through the implementation process and measure success. At each stage, the buyer is going through an emotional journey that could put their credibility and, in some cases, their jobs at risk. 

During this week’s episode of the B2BMX Podcast, Ardath shares a sneak peek into her upcoming session at the B2B Marketing Exchange. She reveals how you can create content that resonates, as well as: 

  • How emotion impacts all stages of the buying journey; 
  • Ways emotion can be considered, and applied, in content creation; and 
  • The formats and experiences that can help you evolve your approach to buyer enablement. 

Want a front row seat to Ardath’s session (as well as 50+ others)? Get your ticket to B2BMX now! Register by February 15 to receive an awesome Welcome Kit curated in partnership with PFL. 

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