Are You Speaking Your Customers’ Lingo?

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It was during his career as a photographer that Jeffrey Shaw began to understand the power of curating chaos. He took that lesson – and many others with him – as he shifted gears to become a brand strategist.   

“My brain naturally curates chaos. I’m really good at taking a lot of pieces and making something whole,” said Shaw. “And that is what brand messaging is all about.” 

This week’s episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast is a special one. Demand Gen Report’s Senior Content Strategist Alicia Esposito sat down with Shaw to pick his brain and to see B2B through the lens of an “outsider.” Shaw also shared his idea that brands need to spend more time learning the lingo of their customers in order to really connect with them. 

“To really speak someone’s lingo is to tap into their emotions so that they energetically feel like you’re speaking their language, but it’s not a jargon,” Shaw said. “Lingo is that inner hook.”

Listen to the full episode now to hear: 

  • How Shaw’s work as a photographer informed his work as a brand strategist;
  • How you can use your customers’ lingo to convey that you know what they need better than they do; and
  • How technology can help — or hurt — marketing and sales strategies.

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