Aptos’ Dave Bruno: “Good Data Makes Good Content”

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Events are a massive investment in time, budget and resources. But if planned properly, they can be a gold mine for content. If you’d like to learn how to repurpose your event content beyond the event itself, press play on the latest episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast. 

During the episode, Dave Bruno, Marketing Director at Aptosan enterprise retail platform provider, explains how he implemented a completely new content approach by using event content to fuel a multi-month content strategy and a series of programs. By embracing a new strategic framework, driving cross-functional collaboration and frequent communication and agile work, the Aptos team was able to take hard-hitting engagement topics from their annual user event to create an assortment of new content pieces. 

Dave shares 12 lessons learned from the brand’s first conference committed to content. They include: 

  • Content creation can’t be an afterthought — it needs equal footing in the event planning process;
  • Event agendas need to be designed with the needs and expectations of attendees in mind, not on what is easiest for your team to put together; and
  • Enlist partners and journalists to cover the event who are not part of the core event team.

Want to hear the rest? Listen to the episode below!

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