ABM Expert Jeremy Middleton Unveils ABM Foundation Tips

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We’ve all seen presentations, webinars and E-books on how to execute an ABM strategy. Getting the basics of strategy, processes and tools in place helps you execute, but what if the revenue is not flowing from your efforts? What if most deals get stuck before reaching the middle of the funnel? Instead of changing your strategy, it’s time to expand your foundation in some very tactical ways throughout your organization.

This week on the B2BMX Podcast, we’re revisiting a stand-out session from February’s B2B Marketing Exchange Online Experience led by Jeremy Middleton, Head of Marketing Strategy & Operations at Kenna Security. During the session, Middleton shared an ABM foundation framework that he used at Kenna Security, explaining how it works versus sales expectations while identifying full funnel improvements and encouraging collaboration with sales for maximum efficiency.

“You never change your strategy,” said Middleton. “You only improve it.”

Listen in to learn how to 

  • Develop a strong but simple ABM foundation that involves setting key strategies with associated processes and tools;  
  • Make your BDR teams ABM machines to increase efficiency, volume and quality of initial meetings; and  
  • Help the sales team nurture early-stage deals that increase low conversion rates and lead to a dramatic revenue increase. 

If this ABM focus is your jam, you’ll be happy to learn our next #B2BMX experience — #B2BMX: Next-Level ABM — will provide you with the playbook you need to stand out to key accounts in a world now dominated by digital. Save the date for June 7-10 and get your ticket now! 

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