3 New Habits Marketers Need To Adopt

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In today’s oversaturated market, most buyers have their blinders on. Their inboxes, voicemails and social media feeds are packed to the brim with marketing messages from X, Y & Z brand trying to win over their attention. Understandably, buyers are fed up, with 60% saying vendors push too much material. 

Despite this, marketers still need to find a way to get their job done. In order to convert prospects, they need to cut through the noise and make real relationships. During a session at the B2B Marketing Exchange, Laura Ramos of Forrester suggested that empathy is the key to creating successful content and connections. She enforced the idea that marketers need to rethink the way their team thinks and operates in order to develop experiences that include the “3 Hs: 




“Empathy is not just about having an understanding of your audience,” Ramos said. “It’s the ability to share in the way that they feel and to take action to be more human, more helpful and handy.” 

Interested in hearing more? Check out Episode 8 of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast below! 

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