Why B2B Marketers Need A People-Based Strategy In An ABM-Focused World

February 23
4:15 pm – 4:45 pm ET
Aristomenis Capogeannis
Aristomenis Capogeannis
Dmitri Lisitski
Dmitri Lisitski

B2B marketers often face tough questions, such as, why does our account-based marketing program seemingly rock, but sales is complaining that there aren’t results? Are our ads even getting in front of actual decision-makers and are we truly cutting through the noise of all the irrelevant ads that people receive?

Often the answers to these questions are disappointing because ads are not getting seen, and that’s because most ABM programs are not very efficient. They target a lot of people inside one company, but they do not target specific individuals who could be your next lead.

During this session, Aristomenis Capogeannis, Director of Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA, and Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and Co-founder of Influ2, will discuss how taking a people-based approach to marketing is essential to connect with actual decision-makers, and how a person-based ads solution solves the many challenges that B2B marketers face.

They’ll discuss:

  • The inspiration behind person-based marketing (PBM);
  • How PBM works and how marketers can benefit from it;
  • Real-world examples of successful PBM campaigns;
  • The future of B2B marketing in a post-pandemic world; and
  • How marketers can capitalize on the current business climate.

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