Channel Partner Pipeline Pilot To Drive Incremental Business

February 22
2:15 pm – 2:45 pm ET
Tim Schneller
Tim Schneller
Thomas Buba
Thomas Buba
True Influence

Tim Schneller, Head of Global Channel Marketing for Honeywell, will take attendees through a pilot program Honeywell developed with the intent data company True Influence. The goal? To drive self-serve lead generation and responsive action for channel partners.

Supplying personal protective equipment to a broad variety of industries, Honeywell sought a solution to help package and supply good quality leads to their channel partners. Teaming up with True Influence, Honeywell launched a pilot program to drive incremental leads, ensuring quality leads were shared with no redundancies. The goal was to prove that they can scale incremental leads with channel partners and close the loop quickly using intent data patterns to identify and package leads quickly and then send them to qualification teams. The normal cycle on leads requires between five to seven different touchpoints — this program shortened that cycle and improved conversion rates.

To-date, Honeywell has already seen better-than-industry-standard results and have identified opportunities to improve the flow and management of leads. The pilot has also resulted in driving incremental business, created more time with sellers, and a better process to manage the number of leads per channel partner. As this is a pilot program that is continuing, more results and learnings are coming in every day.

Some key takeaways include:

  • How second lead syndrome is a good thing because it means the lead represents a higher interest in your solutions;
  • How to improve the sales cycle and drop off rate; and
  • How to overcome pipeline visibility issues with channel partners.

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