Jon Russo

Season 06, Episode 09

Are MQLS Actually Dead?

Featuring: Jon Russo, B2B Fusion

To MQL, or not to MQL — that’s the question plaguing the industry as marketers are faced with varying reports concerning the future of leads. While some organizations claim the lead is dead, other folks aren’t so sure.

Host Kelly Lindenau sat down with Jon Russo, B2BFusion’s Founder and CMO, to discuss his take on the lead dilemma. Russo believes that, when adapted to modern B2B practices, MQLs are still a viable and beneficial component of marketers’ arsenals. As Lindenau and Russo dive into the world of leads, the pair discuss:

  • The probability/possibility of eliminating leads, along with the challenges marketers would face in phasing leads out;
  • The various factors giving leads a bad rep and making marketers consider elimination;
  • How marketers can enhance and modernize their lead generation efforts; and
  • The latest trends in B2B technology and how Russo sees the space evolving.


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