Navigating ABM In 2020: 6 Lessons From E2open

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Kicking off 2020, E2open’s marketing strategy was built around a strong marketing mix of ABM plays, physical events, direct mail campaigns and email outreach. As the year went by and the world came to a standstill, KPIs were lagging and the marketing team quickly knew they had to pivot from the current strategy to meet and influence their target market in a crowded, digital marketspace.   

In all of our efforts to pivot to “the new normal,” we’ve had to take big risks. In some cases, that meant getting a win, and in others, it meant failing. But E2open’s Annika Helmrich and Kathy Mammon believe the key to failing effectively is taking these learnings and doing something productive with them.  

This week’s B2BMX Podcast episode is a replay of one of our most popular sessions from the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange online experience: 6 Lessons — And Struggles! — E2open Learned Navigating ABM In 2020. Check it out to learn how to: 

  • Cut execution time on webinars from two months to two weeks; 
  • Increase email conversion rates in a time of email overload; 
  • Test new engagement strategies with hyper-personalized ABM content journeys; and 
  • Combat webinar fatigue and declining attendee rates. 

If you want to see the visuals to support the sound, check out this session on-demand now. Bonus: You’ll get access to our 50+ other sessions and keynotes for just $49 (that’s less than a dollar per session!). 

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