How Carbon Black’s Nurture Program Went From Rags To Riches

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In 2017, Carbon Black didn’t have a nurture campaign. It had a bumpy buyer’s journey where prospects consumed siloed content and were approached by sales too quickly. Form fills were low. Sales and marketing weren’t on the same page. A big change was needed. 

During a session at the inaugural B2B Sales & Marketing ExchangeChris Mitchell, Marketing Programs Specialist at Carbon Black, detailed how the company built a multi-touch, immersive nurture strategy from the ground up, leading to a 388% improvement in SQL conversions. 

Check out Episode 4 of the B2B Marketing Exchange Podcast to learn how the company leveraged engagement tracksengagement-based lead scoring and more to achieve results such as: 

Assets Viewed Per Lead
Minute Average Engagement Time
0 %
Form Completion Rate
0 X
Increase In MQLs
0 %
Increase In MQL/SQL Converstion

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