Finny Friday: Digital Pi To Spill Details On ‘Secret Sauce’ Campaign

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In today’s crowded B2B landscape, it’s more difficult than ever for marketers to break through the noise. So why focus on just one channel when you can take a triple-threat approach to reaching your target buyers?

That’s exactly what Digital Pi, a Marketo consulting agency, did with its “Secret Sauce” campaign. It proved so successful that they won a Killer Content Award at this year’s B2B Marketing Exchange.

Digital Pi created the “Secret Sauce” campaign to build relationships with Marketo users who were also named on the Inc. 5000 list. The goal was simple: to get these companies to share their “secret sauce” for growth and their goals for 2019 in a video interview.

The campaign kicked off with a door-opener direct mail piece that included a bottle of hot sauce and a message for recipients to submit their own video or set a time during the Inc. 5000 event in San Antonio to film one. Digital Pi then used follow-up emails to drive people to the landing page, as well as phone calls to confirm the receipt of the gift and schedule interviews.

Nearly 5,000 people engaged with the campaign and more than half (64%) of all landing page traffic came from organic social buzz.

Jeff Coveney, EVP of Digital Pi, will share more details about the campaign and its success in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, June 26 at 2 PM ET.

Topics discussed will include:

  • What inspired the campaign;
  • Why a triple-touch strategy can enhance ABM success;
  • New approaches to direct mail in B2B; and
  • More!

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