From 22 Tools To 6: Why A Top B2B Brand Shrunk Its Tech Stack

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It’s easy to get caught up in marketing FOMO. With every shiny new tool and solution promising to help nurture leadsspeed up sales cycles or target specific personas, it’s easy to get sucked in and invest in anything that can help you get your job done.  While some of these tools might indeed help generate a large amount of leads and web traffic, it only matters if the right people are engaging with your brand. 

In his first two years at B2B technology company, Jeremy Middleton helped the company focus less on the volume of website traffic and the quality of buyer interactions. The company’s main goals were to increase efficiency, tighten up processes and get more targeted.  

“It’s very hard to identify what’s working and what’s not,” said Middleton. “It all muddles into a bunch of graphs on a PowerPoint deck. It may look nice, but it may not help you improve.”

In the latest episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange PodcastMiddleton shares why the company decreased its toolset from 22 solutions to six, as well as how they developed a data-based process and more targeted messaging. Listen to the podcast to hear how these changes led to: 

  • An increased sales rate of 5.3X;
  • 32% shorter deal time;
  • Double the industry standard in ad clicks; and
  • 2.5X increase in mid-stage pipeline.

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