Season 06, Episode 04

Trend Alert: Why Interactive Content Is Becoming Table Stakes In Content Marketing

Featuring: Lisa Wallace, Savannah Heil, Holly Celeste Fisk - Content4Demand

 We’re switching things up on today’s episode — no replays! Instead, our friends from Content4Demand, a boutique B2B content strategy and creative agency, are on the podcast to make a case for interactive content.  

Static PDFs are a thing of the past. In the digital-first world, interactive content is making waves for its ability to engage audiences in unique ways… and track that engagement to provide valuable insights that can enhance future content strategies. Not to mention, it can really help your brand stand out among the sea of long-form, all-text white papers.  

Don’t think you have what it takes to create interactive content? Think again. In this episode, Content4Demand’s Lisa Wallace, VP of Sales; Holly Celeste Fisk, Director of Marketing; and Savannah Heil, Sr. Director of Digital Design, sit down with hosts Klaudia Tirico and Kelly Lindenau to discuss:  

  • What interactive content is and why it matters NOW;  
  • The types of interactive content you can create;  
  • The data and insights you can gain from interactive content;  
  • How to get started and get buy-in from the C-suite;  
  • Tips for writing for interactive content; and 
  • Everything in between!   



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