SAP’s Nick Robinson: “The Business Case For Content Marketing Is Clear”

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Buyers are overwhelmed by the amount of information at their fingertips. To stand out, brands must blend a mixture of content syndication, advertising, social media and moreDuring a session at the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange, Nick Robinson of SAP will share how B2B content consumption insights and multichannel campaign design helped the brand boost pipeline creation. Get a sneak peek at the session below! 


B2B Marketing Exchange: You’re speaking in the C2C track this year. What, in your opinion, is the state of content marketing today? What trends are you seeing in the space? 

Nick Robinson: Think about the biggest and most successful brands today. They have two traits in common:  

  1. They add value to customers’ lives through products, servicesand experiences; and 
  2. They are experts at acquiring, growing and maintaining audiences.

What does being an expert at acquisition, growth and maintenance of audiences enable? It enables brands to understand trends before they are trends, react to customer preferences quickly and develop much tighter market segmentation.  

Guess which brands struggle today in marketing? The brands who didn’t invest in content marketing and audience building for the longterm. The business case for content marketing is clear … just ask the most successful brands in the world. 


B2BMX: What piece of advice would you give to marketers who are beginning their intent data journey? 

Robinson: Start with the basics. What business objectives are you looking to achieve? Who are you targeting? What message will you convey to them? 

Once you understand the fundamentals of sales and marketing, then look for tools and data to help you better segment, communicate and execute tactics. 

Many people forget the basics in the world of bright and shiny objects. Yes, well-executed intent allows brands to better react to signals in the market, but if it is not grounded in the fundamentals, it will miss the mark. 


B2BMX: What else can you share about your presentation? What is one main takeaway you want your audience to go back to their office with? 

Robinson: The main takeaway is that while yes, my presentation is about paid content syndication, it’s not the silver bullet. It is one tactic in a mix that is aligned to the business objectives of several marketing plans in North America. For example, we use content syndication to target net-new accounts with specific assets, and we also use content syndication to target installbase accounts with different messages. Each business objective has a slightly different marketing approach, with differentiated messaging, investment, targeting and channel mix. 


B2BMX: What are you hoping to get out of your time at B2BMX? Are there any sessions you’re looking forward to? 

Robinson: I am going to soak up all sessions about account-centric marketing, multichannel attribution, marketing mix modeling and org design. It’s also a great time to chat with fellow marketers and business partners! The conversations and networking are where the true insights are shared. 



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