Meet The Winners Of The 13th Annual Killer Content Awards

2024 KCA Awards

Meet The Content Creators Driving Creative Campaigns

Get ready to rev up your engines and chart a course: We’re hitting the road. The 2024 winners of the Killer Content Awards (KCAs) have been announced, and we’re embarking on a journey to meet them. These annual awards, put on by the B2B Marketing Exchange team, shine a spotlight on the outstanding marketers who have unleashed their creativity and crafted campaigns worthy of roadside attractions. So, buckle up and join us in meeting the 25 winners of this year’s KCAs!


Account-Based Marketing Campaign


Bombora, a B2B intent data provider, aimed to boost its Q2 pipeline for Audience Solutions products by inviting prospects and customers to Major League Baseball games in San Francisco and New York City, selected based on high concentrations of interested companies. They provided custom baseball cards with QR codes linked to product presentations, resulting in nearly 60% attendance and significant engagement, leading to almost 50% of attending accounts closing deals following the campaign.

Account-Based Marketing Campaign


BOL, a digital marketing agency, collaborated with LTN Global to develop an ABM campaign for its new cloud video delivery solution, Arc, targeting major TV networks. Leveraging a sports-themed approach and utilizing various online and offline engagements, BOL’s strategy significantly accelerated LTN’s engagement, with key accounts engaging 63 times within 90 days of the campaign’s launch, marking a substantial improvement from previous engagement timelines.

honeywell aerospace

Design Concept/Theme

Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell Aerospace launched the “Watch This Space” campaign to promote its Advanced Air Mobility technologies, aiming to facilitate global same-day cargo delivery and sustainable urban flights. Through engaging assets and messages crafted with its creative agency, Rees & Company, Honeywell utilized various channels such as social media, live events, and branded products to evoke emotions and inspire audiences, achieving remarkable engagement rates and impressions, making it one of the top-performing campaigns in the company’s history.


Design Concept/Theme


Resonate’s “Real Data” campaign, launched in June 2023, showcased the consequences of poor data quality in marketing through striking imagery, aiming to highlight the gap between consumer expectations and brand messaging. Utilizing various marketing channels, the campaign reached over 267K individuals, garnered 2.7M impressions, and achieved significant engagement metrics, resulting in 308 downloads of the accompanying “Real Campaign” E-book.

Resonate Logo

Influencer Campaign


Demandbase, a GTM platform, launched its inaugural 100 Powerful Women In Sales (WIS) List in 2022, garnering significant support. In 2023, the company replicated the success, collaborating with WIS to deepen relationships with influential women in sales, highlighting their achievements through nominations and personal recommendations. The campaign included blog posts, social media content, an E-book, and dedicated an entire month to WIS, resulting in high engagement metrics such as 621K reach, 10,000 engagements on LinkedIn, and a 58% engagement rate on a LinkedIn carousel.

Influencer Campaign


SAP’s “Be Ready” campaign, launched in May 2023, utilized AI-driven billboards and a global influencer team to showcase how its technology enables businesses to adapt to challenges. The campaign generated 239 social media posts, 37MM impressions, and 5K engagements, with the influencer segment notably outperforming paid media by 4MM impressions at 1/5 of the cost.


Research-Based Content

TechTarget + AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered with TechTarget and TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group to launch the DE&I Awareness and Impact Program, showcasing the power of buyer-led research in driving awareness and brand connection. The multi-phase campaign, spanning from 2022 to 2024, utilized quantitative research and custom content to gauge the impact of enterprise DE&I programs and technology-driven inclusivity. Results included increased brand recognition for AWS, higher engagement intent, and significant executive engagement with DE&I content on TechTarget, highlighting its effectiveness in driving awareness and thought leadership.


Research-Based Content​


OutSystems offers a high-performance, low-code platform empowering technology leaders and developers to swiftly build and deploy critical applications, annually releasing the “State Of Application Development” report to drive lead generation and thought leadership. The 2023 survey, gathering over 1,200 responses, provides insights into IT leaders’ and developers’ perspectives, supported by a blog and infographic to spark interest and generate leads. Though exact figures can’t be disclosed, rest assured, the campaign’s performance was noteworthy, as anything less wouldn’t have made the cut!

OutSystems Logo
Clearwave Logo

Sales Enablement Content


Clearwave launched clearwaveCARE to underscore its commitment to long-term customer partnerships, featuring initiatives like CAREcommunity and CAREconnections. The campaign earned recognition, including a Bronze Award at the 2023 Stevie American Business Awards and accolades for user adoption, software excellence, workplace environment, and digital innovation.


Sales Enablement Content


INFUSEmedia offers the Demand Accelerator, a real-time demand intelligence platform powered by AI and ML, enabling B2B organizations to optimize their demand generation efforts. Developed through significant investments in R&D, human capital, and advanced technologies, the platform delivers timely insights into program performance and facilitates informed decision-making. Clients leverage the platform to benchmark industry standards, enhance campaign outcomes, and optimize performance tracking and analysis for improved strategy implementation.


Boeing Logo

Buyer-Focused Content


Boeing’s “Happy Passengers” campaign shifted focus from products to outcomes, emphasizing customer satisfaction amidst disruptions through a story-led approach. The global ABM program targeted commercial airline decision-makers, utilizing diverse channels like paid social, CTV, and content syndication. The campaign’s success is evident in the engagement of all targeted airline accounts, over 1,500 leads generated, high engagement rates surpassing benchmarks, and strong media and creative performance showcased in campaign dashboards.

Buyer-Focused Content

2.718 Marketing

2.718 Marketing, a Chicago-based agency, employed video content to position Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division as an industry leader. Their webinar series, featuring pre-recorded videos and live Q&A sessions, attracted over 1,100 registrants and added nearly 800 new contacts to Blue Diamond’s database, exceeding their attendance goals. The campaign’s success highlighted webinars as the primary driver for acquiring high-value clients for Blue Diamond.


Cisco Logo

Channel Partner Marketing


Cisco’s Partner Engagement Digital team initiated the “Reimagining The Partner Digital Experience” initiative to revamp its digital content and partner services over multiple years. They strategically placed the Partner Locator tool within to facilitate customer-partner connections, aligning “specializations” to customer search terms for relevance. This approach resulted in specialized partners generating 15X more bookings, a 1.5X increase in click-through rates for customized experiences, and notable increases in unique visitors to partner specialization pages and SMB page engagement.

Channel/Partner Marketing

Sage + Unreal Digital Group

Sage collaborated with Unreal Digital Group to introduce The Marketing Accelerator series, aiming to educate partners on fundamental marketing tactics for successful co-marketing within the Sage program. This 12-month webinar series provided actionable resources, quick tips, and comprehensive playbooks to enhance partners’ marketing efforts. The initiative attracted 600 unique partner participants globally, with over 100 internal Sage employee participants, resulting in a 125% increase in partner utilization of MDF funding and partner campaign utilization.


Sage Unreal Digital Group logo
mastercard logo

Interactive Content


Mastercard, a leading global technology company in payments, launched the Mastercard Cross-Border Services demo to address end-user challenges in cross-border payments. The interactive demo showcased real-life scenarios, highlighting how Mastercard’s solutions solve common issues. With 148 leads generated, 671 visitors, and 1,878 opens in 2023, the demo provided significant value in sales pitches, lead nurture campaigns, and industry events.

Interactive Content

Activate Marketing Services

Activate Marketing Services offers content-powered lead and marketing solutions for business technology marketers, utilizing buyer insights and high-performance content. Their Tech Score tool, a bottom-funnel quiz, enables B2B buyers to assess their needs interactively, aligning content delivery with their pain points and buying stages through real-time scoring. Tech Score entries, undergoing tele-verification for consent, have garnered significant interest across Dell programs, resulting in 5,122 downloads from qualified respondents.

activate logo
purechannels the channel agency logo

Nurture Campaign

Purechannels — The Channel Agency

Purechannels — The Channel Agency orchestrated a targeted lead generation strategy across 11 independent software vendors (ISVs) in Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) ISV Alliance, employing email, social media, and customized content. With a tailored landing page and nurture flows, they ensured engagement throughout the buyer journey, resulting in impressive metrics including 66% of leads with over $1 billion in turnover and 75% engaging with content more than four times, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness.

Nurture Campaign​


In the latter half of 2023, ExtraHop launched a multichannel nurture campaign for its Reveal(x) 360 platform, utilizing email, paid media, content syndication, phone outreach, and tailored sales enablement techniques. Achievements within four months included 3X the standard benchmark for unique opens, 11X for unique click-throughs, and over 1,000 unique asset downloads. Remarketing audiences showed significant improvement over cold audiences, with a 65% higher CTR, 55% higher conversion rates, and 52% higher engagement rates, while multi-engagement conversion tactics yielded a conversion rate of approximately 10% from a low-volume audience representing about .05% of their total engaged audience.

ExtraHop logo

Short-Form Content

Grant Thornton LLP

Grant Thornton LLP, one of America’s largest audit, tax, and advisory firms, emphasized allyship with the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month in June 2023. Partnering with LPGA Tour Champion Mel Reid, they showcased a pride-themed yardage book with the motto “We See You” to promote allyship and representation. The campaign, featuring video vignettes and social media giveaways, garnered 54,398 impressions and 22,328 video views, with over 1,200 engagements across platforms and Instagram leading with 20,106 video views and nearly 18,260 impressions.

Nurture Campaign​


Intellimize, an AI-driven experience optimization platform, centered its 2023 summer integrated marketing campaign around Convertapalooza, a virtual conference. Embracing a summer concert theme, the campaign featured sponsored trade shows, promotional merchandise, blog posts, LinkedIn ads, and emails. Convertapalooza culminated in a self-hosted virtual conference and a CRO Geek Afterparty, resulting in 561 net new leads, 55 demo requests, and 49 new business opportunities.

intellimize logo

Multi-Touch Campaign

Myriad Genetics

Myriad Genetics launched the “Breaking Barriers” campaign to tackle rising prostate cancer rates and underutilization of genetic testing. Utilizing paid search and social media, they targeted high-intent keywords and shared educational content, including testimonials and short-form videos. The campaign also provided resources for healthcare providers, resulting in a 61% increase in patient demand, over 600 marketing qualified leads in 2023, and a 113% improvement in marketing qualified leads year-over-year.

Video Marketing


VisiQuate, a provider of technology solutions for healthcare organizations, created a comedic video featuring one actor portraying multiple roles, inspired by popular comedy sketch YouTubers. The video humorously illustrates the challenge of standing out in a crowded market, despite having a proven solution. Despite operating in a niche market with limited engagement on typical content, the video garnered significant organic traction, achieving 3,500 views, 75 likes, and 16 reposts, making it 5X more effective than VisiQuate’s usual content.


VisiQuate Logo

Video Content


Purechannels — The Channel Agency orchestrated a targeted lead generation strategy across 11 independent software vendors (ISVs) in Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) ISV Alliance, employing email, social media, and customized content. With a tailored landing page and nurture flows, they ensured engagement throughout the buyer journey, resulting in impressive metrics including 66% of leads with over $1 billion in turnover and 75% engaging with content more than four times, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness.

Audio Content


NinjaCat, a marketing analytics platform, produced “Big Data Day,” an original musical depicting marketers’ and data analysts’ daily struggles. Combining music and drama, the musical humanized data management challenges and showcased solutions offered by NinjaCat’s products. The production generated significant engagement, including 3X the average LinkedIn engagement rate, 18K organic social impressions, a 16% increase in website traffic, over 200 podcast downloads, and a MediaPost feature reaching 600K monthly unique views.

NinjaCat logo
PMI Logo

Audio Content​

PMI: Project Management Institut​

PMI offers professionals global standards, online courses and networking opportunities, including the “Projectified” podcast, which discusses industry topics and features professionals with PMI certifications. “Projectified” has surpassed 1 million downloads, highlighting its impact on project management and professional development.


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2024 Killer Content Awards! Your exceptional content has truly made an impact in the world of B2B Marketing, and we applaud your creativity and innovation.

As we celebrate your achievements, we also invite you to join us at the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange East. This event promises to be an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain insights from top experts and discover the latest trends shaping the future of B2B Marketing.

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