Confessions Of A TikTok Addict With Dr. Debbie Qaqish

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The beginning of quarantine may seem like a haze now, but just a few months ago we were entertaining ourselves with wild documentary series’ like Netflix’s Tiger King and video games like Nintendo’s Animal CrossingAnother stand-out star was TikTok — an app I assumed was for kids imitating viral dance moves, but quickly learned was much more than that. 

Over the past eight months, Dr. Debbie Qaqish, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for The Pedowitz Group, has spent way too much time on TikTok. And while many might think this a frivolous use of time, she has discovered three crucial takeaways that sales and marketing can use to grow revenue.

“After things had time to settle a bit, I think a lot of sales and marketing professionals began to recognize that ‘Hey, things are changing a lot and maybe I can take this opportunity to do something different,’” Qaqish said.

This week’s B2BMX Podcast episode is an audio version of Qaqish’s session from this year’s B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange online event. If you want to see the visuals to support the sound, check it out on-demand now. Bonus: You’ll get access to our 50+ other sessions and keynotes for just $49 (that’s less than a dollar per session!). 

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Listen in as Qaqish discusses: 

  • How she fell into the TikTok rabbit hole; 
  • 3 savage TikTok takeaways; and 
  • How TikTok can shape your 2021 revenue strategy. 

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