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Keynote Speakers:

Tamsen Webster

Tamsen Webster
Find The Red Thread

Mark Bornstein

Mark Bornstein

Carmen Simon

Carmen Simon
Corporate Visions

Pam Didner

Pam Didner
Relentless Pursuit

Todd Henry

Todd Henry
The Accidental Creative

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Schedule Overview

SESSION TITLE (Click Title For Description)
12:00 PM ET
01:00 PM ET
02:00 PM ET
  • Carmen Simon, Corporate Visions
03:00 PM ET
  • Content2Conversion
  • Ryan Brown, Ceros
  • Darius Eslami, Carbon Black
  • Paige Gildner, Bluecore
  • Sharon Shapiro, Bluecore
  • Demand Gen Summit
  • Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing
  • ABM In Action
  • Dan Martinez, O.C. Tanner
  • Meredith Fuller, Quarry
03:30 PM ET
  • Content2Conversion
  • Dave Bruno, Aptos
  • Demand Gen Summit
  • David Pitta, BrightTALK
  • Charm Bianchini, LeanData
  • ABM In Action
  • Peter Isaacson, Demandbase
04:00 PM ET
  • Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit, LLC
SESSION TITLE (Click Title For Description)
11:00 AM ET
  • Tamsen Webster, Find The Red Thread
12:00 PM ET
  • Case Study
How Assurant Used Content As The Key To ABM Success
  • Tammy Graves, Assurant
  • Kelly Zahoudanis, Content4Demand
  • Case Study
More Than Data: The Conduit For Better, Faster Conversations With Zoominfo & Drift
  • Kate Adams, Drift
  • Krystan Resch, Zoominfo
01:00 PM ET
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Jason Yarborough, PFL
03:00 PM ET
  • Content2Converion
  • Kellie de Leon, The Mx Group
  • Demand Gen Summit
  • Erin Bohlin, Gigster
  • ABM In Action
  • Adam Romanowski, RingCentral
  • David Brutman, Folloze
03:30 PM ET
  • Content2Converion
  • Madeline Maguire, Grubhub
  • Demand Gen Summit
  • Leslie Cozatt, Optum
  • ABM In Action
  • Justin Keller, Terminus
  • Jillian Ryan, eMarketer
  • Charity Newsome, Command Alkon
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What Now? How And Why Marketers Are Responding to a Virtual World

Things were already changing. It didn’t take a global pandemic to know that marketing was increasingly moving online. Why? Because that’s where our audiences are, and yes, now more than ever.

The key to great marketing in a virtual world is building interactive, engaging, experiences that put the human back in the digital.

In this keynote session, you will learn:

  • How digital experiences re-cast the buyer’s journey;
  • Keys to keeping digital audiences engage;
  • Creating curated content experiences; and
  • Turning digital engagement into actionable data.

How Zendesk puts customers at the center of their marketing to drive growth and build credibility

During this session, discover how Zendesk wins business by putting the customer at the center of its brand story. By turning positive customer feedback into case studies, testimonials, and stats, Zendesk builds trust and validates its messaging across the buyer’s journey.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid information overload by defining your outputs before you start collecting customer feedback;
  • Elevate your most vocal brand advocates by using TechValidate to find out which customers are raising their hands for activities;
  • Guide product and brand decisions by listening to customers; and
  • See real-life examples of how Zendesk effectively uses the voice of the customer to create compelling content.

Displacing The Competition And Boosting Engagement, How Intent Data Is Fueling Pure Storage’s Digital Marketing 

In this session, Pure Storage’s Director of Marketing Technology & Data Strategy, Bill Mitchell, will share how he uses 1stparty intent data to propel personalization and web form enrichment to attain his KPIs in competitive displacement and target account engagement. Dun & Bradstreet’s Leader of Integrated Marketing, Sean Crowley, will also cover how 3rdparty intent data can be leveraged to identify the accounts that are in the early stages of the buying journey and the best practices on how to bring that data to life to improve your marketing outcomes.

Why Your Website Isn't Converting & What You Can Do About It

Marketing, specifically demand generation, is broken. As marketers, we’ll spend a total of $6 billion dollars last year to drive traffic to our websites, only to have just over 3% of traffic actually convert. Our processes and our systems are broken and filled with friction. We’re so busy filling up MQLs that we forget there are actual people on the other side. Join Ben Battaglia, Director of Marketing at Lessonly and Kate Adams, VP of Marketing at Drift to hear why this is the case and what you can do to create a better customer experience and buyer’s journey.

The Neuroscience Of Memorable Messages

One of the biggest problems with business content is that customers forget 90% of what you share after two days. And the typical goal for creating a message and sharing it with a customer is to influence their behavior in some way. But how can they act on your message if they only remember a tenth of it? How do you even know which tenth they’ll remember?

Join this session to discover strategies for transforming yourself and your message into something worth noticing and remembering. Carmen Simon of Corporate Visions will share: 

  • Key insights into how the brain processes information and tends to remember it — or, more often — forget it;
  • How to convert neuroscience insights into practical guidelines for crafting content; and 
  • Best practices for designing content and campaigns that don’t just drive attention but inspire action. 

Move Over Mediocre! The B2B Marketer’s Journey To Experiential Content

The majority of B2B content produced today results in digital experiences that are undifferentiated from one brand to another, dooming them to mediocrity. Fortunately, consumer demand and innovation in technology is leading marketers away from static, cookie-cutter content strategies and towards new approaches aimed at creating engaging digital experiences.

In the session, learn how to transform your B2B marketing with experiential content. Discover how interactive and immersive elements make content experiential and how you can build effective processes to scale it. Discover the actual journey of two B2B companies that have embraced the experiential content transformation. See examples of their work and learn from their lessons along the way. Executives from Ceros, Carbon Black and Bluecore will share:

  • How to produce B2B marketing that stands out and engages distracted and overwhelmed B2B audiences;
  • Ways to resist mediocrity by building processes that value creativity, experiential-thinking, and just-enough risk taking; and
  • Examples of experiential content and discover the results and impact that each drove.

How To Optimize ABM Results With Influencer Marketing

Focusing on accounts with the biggest revenue potential requires every competitive advantage. But ABM alone is not enough to break through to distracted and distrustful decision makers. To connect with accounts more effectively, B2B marketers are increasingly adopting influencer marketing to build trust, reach and engagement.

This presentation from B2B and influencer marketing expert Lee Odden will share how B2B marketers can identify the influencers that resonate most with target account contacts, as well as create greater influence amongst client facing contacts. In this session you will learn:

  • How an ABM and influencer marketing integration model inspires strategy;
  • How to determine what topics and content resonate with your target accounts;
  • How to identify who is influential to the people within your targeted accounts; and
  • How to grow influence for sales and the brand.

From Learning To Leading: O.C. Tanner's ABM Journey

One year ago, O.C. Tanner’s Marketing Director was sitting exactly where you are: in the audience at B2BMX. Looking for insights and resources on how to effectively get organizational buy-in, create a compelling strategy and launch a best-in-class account-based practice. It would be no small task, but the time was right to take action.

Fast forward to B2BMX 2020 and O.C. Tanner has gone through an ABM agency search process, conducted an internal Account-based Readiness Assessment and launched two multi-channel, multi-touch ABM programs in market. This presentation will unpack the 12-month journey – and all the steps in between.

Dan Martinez will be joined by Meredith Fuller from B2B demand marketing agency, Quarry, who together will share:
  • Tips on how to get key stakeholders on the Account-based bus;
  • How they built an ABM framework that spans teams, technologies and processes;
  • Provide a glimpse into the 1:1 and 1:few campaigns that were O.C. Tanner’s first ABM activations; and,
  • Learnings you can apply for activating Account-based within your own organization.

Applying the Principles of Social Strategy To Content Creation

When Aptos spun out of a much larger brand in 2015, they had to completely reimagine the way they went to market. Part of a highly entrenched and competitive category, many of Aptos’ competitors were focusing on the same trends, using the same jargon and frankly, telling the same stories. The company had an opportunity to stand out, leveraging cost-effective yet strategic content creation practices that allowed them to build brand credibility, establish trust among target buyers and influencers, and truly stand out in the marketplace.

Join Aptos’ Brand Director Dave Bruno to discover some of the most valuable lessons his team learned on their five-year journey. A few highlights of those lessons learned include:

  • Designing new content strategies that address both brand and demand-gen objectives;
  • Reversioning and repurposing content in order to maximize reach and impact;
  • Dramatically re-thinking how content is delivered to a social media-crazed world by embracing “meme-like” content (that still packs a thoughtful punch); and
  • Finding new ways to work with demand gen teams to evolve without compromise.

BrightTALK’s RevOps Mastery: It’s All About The Data

Have multiple GTM motions at your organization with different teams and priorities? Need to ensure all teams are effective and yielding results? Learn how BrightTALK manages complex growth strategies with a solid data foundation and a revenue operations mindset.

Join this session to hear how BrightTALK:

  • Formed a Revenue Operations function for cross-functional alignment, data transparency and growth;
  • Leverages account and lead matching data to organize and route CRM data across the company; and
  • Arms their teams with attribution data to make data-driven marketing decisions.

ABM: How To Be Certain About Your Marketing Investment In Uncertain Times

Recent Gartner research showed marketing budgets were expected to decline in 2020 for the third year in a row. But as marketers know all too well, that doesn’t let us off the hook. We’ll still be expected to deliver even more pipeline despite our budget realities.

So how can marketers do more with less? Most already know that Account-Based Marketing improves the effectiveness of marketing plans. In this session, B2B marketers will learn:


  • How to use ABM to be even more efficient with your marketing investment;
  • The 5 core ABM best practices that deliver better results for less money;
  • How to allocate budget for new MarTech and AdTech innovations.

How AI Is Already Impacting Every Stage Of Buyer Engagement

…And What Sales & Marketing Teams Need To Know About Its Immediate Impact

AI has begun impacting our lives in more ways than you may realize. In this session, author and advisor Pam Didner will crack some AI myths and share insights to help you identify potential AI initiatives that can impact each of the specific stages of buyer engagement.

In this keynote, you will:

  • Understand how AI impacts the sales and marketing landscape;
  • Access specific examples of how applications are already being used to improve engagement with account targeting, content offers, sales qualification and many other areas;
  • Connect the dots between the AI and your jobs; and
  • Identify key actions and ideas to kick off initiatives with your teams.

Getting The Green Light: How To Build Messages People Say YES To

The best messages get clients (and their customers) to say “YES” to something, like a change in thinking or a new behavior. Too often, though, we get a whole lot of “NO.” Why? Because we try to get a “YES” to the hardest things for people to say “yes” to.

Join 20-year brand and message strategist and former TEDx Executive Producer Tamsen Webster as she explains how to make it easy for your team, your clients and the market to say “YES” to your ideas … and just as easy for you to build the content, pitches and presentations that explain and sell them.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze your messages for the “red lights” that lead to “NO;”
  • Identify the five key concepts every message needs to get a “YES” (and know how to find them in your own); and
  • Organize your content so it feels like a story, even if it isn’t one (and keeps your clients hanging on every word).


Funnel Of Love: From Attraction To Happily Ever After

We all know that the dating game is not an easy one. Whether you’re single, looking for someone or in a relationship – you’re on a complex journey with all sorts of signals (or a lack thereof). So, how can you make sure you’ve found the right person and are engaging them the right way?

Join Jason Yarborough, Director of Strategic Alliances at PFL, as he shares how personalized engagement can help you find your match and win over your one true love – your customers.

Don’t let your relationship get ruined before it even starts by inundating your target audience with irrelevant messages.

What you’ll learn:
  • The importance of personalized messaging and engagement;
  • How to take prospects from engagement to long-term relationships;
  • The best way to reach and engage your customers throughout the sales process; and
  • Why AI, direct marketing and digital personalization are a match made in heaven.

Tackling B2B’s Creativity Problem: How To Find Moments Of Brilliance In Everyday Chaos

In today’s B2B marketplace, you often have to be brilliant at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re writing a new marketing email or developing a new business strategy, it has to be creative, fast, relevant and preferably under budget.

With this ever-increasing pressure to produce consistently great work, how can you ensure that those brilliant ideas will be there when you need them? Creativity is unpredictable, and you’re on a tight timeline. In this session, Todd Henry, author of Herding Tigers and The Accidental Creative, will share practical tactics to help you and your team bring your best creative ideas to the table every day — especially under pressure.

Some of the key takeaways include:
  • The three kinds of work that all creative pros engage in, and the one that we often ignore at our peril;
  • How to use challenges and “the big 3” to gain focus for yourself and your team; and
  • The four kinds of stimuli that lead to brilliant ideas.

Build A Better Mousetrap: Tips for Improving Your B2B Website

Throughout the decision-making process, B2B buyers often prefer to self-serve. They conduct web searches and visit a multitude of sites to narrow their options. The question is: are you doing everything you can to inspire them to select your brand?

In this session, Kellie de Leon, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at The Mx Group, will use real B2B website examples to demonstrate how to deliver a buyer-centric experience to convert more customers. Regardless of whether you’re selling industrial products, technology, services, or something else altogether, you’ll leave with strategies and techniques to:

  • Rethinking your navigation to focus on buyer needs;
  • Align your content experience to the buyer’s journey; and
  • Optimize your digital buying and e-commerce capabilities
If you’re considering a website redesign, or just looking for inspiration to improve your current site, don’t miss this opportunity to get some actionable ideas to make your website more effective.

Why A Series-B Startup Is Placing Big Bets On ABM

In 2019, Gigster, a smart software development service, pivoted its go-to-market, shifting from a focus on SMB/mid-market to enterprise accounts. Over the course of the year, the entire executive team was rebuilt, the marketing function was established, and the enterprise sales team was hired.

Gigster has adopted an account-based strategy and is placing big bets on the expected outcomes. This session will cover how Gigster designed and launched a new marketing strategy — including the development of core processes, implementation of key technology platforms and the launch of the account-based program — within months.

Join Erin Bohlin, Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing at Gigster, to learn:

  • How Gigster pivoted its GTM model and began executing in a few short months;
  • How to design and execute an account-based program; and
  • The essential KPIs to measure ABM success.

KCA SHOWCASE: How RingCentral Went Up-Market With A Hyper-Personalized Account-Based Strategy

Executing an effective ABM strategy requires carefully matching target accounts, their relevant buying committee members and impactful programs or solutions. Core to this is the ability to deliver highly tailored account experiences, across multiple channels and via both marketing and sales touchpoints. RingCentral figured it out in a move-up-market and, in so doing, engaged 80% of their target accounts including C-level fortune 500 company decisions makers.

Their success is repeatable. Join RingCentral as they explain how they built their strategic ABM program leveraging Folloze and featuring tight orchestration between marketing and sales. Not only were their results astounding, but they achieved them in only 60 days, and are now prepared to share their successful recipe with others.

During this engaging and educational session, B2B marketers across industries will learn:

  • How to create deeper customer engagement that yields greater and faster conversions;
  • How to achieve highly relevant personalization within their account-based programs;
  • How to create meaningful experiences and deep engagement with target brands; and
  • How to quickly create orchestrated plays with targeted accounts at scale, all the way to the very largest organizations.

Grubhub Success Story: How To Generate 11.3X ROI With Direct Mail

The Corporate Accounts division of Grubhub was struggling to effectively engage senior stakeholders, who are the ultimate decision-makers in the buying process. By taking a multi-touch approach to engagement, using a creative combination of direct mail and digital follow-up, including a drone giveaway, the team was able to go beyond administrative gatekeepers and pique senior executives’ interests, ultimately driving a 41% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate and 11.3X ROI.

During this session, Madeline Maguire, Corporate Enterprise Demand Generation Lead, will share how you can:

  • Align direct mail strategies incentives to key buyer behaviors and personality traits;
  • Ensure sales alignment and buy-in; and
  • Orchestrate follow-up to boost responses and conversions.

Building Audience-Centric Content For C-Level Campaigns

This session will highlight how Optum transitioned from a disparate and inconsistent executive-level marketing approach to an engagement campaign designed and constructed with connected tracks targeted at distinct C-suite audiences. In addition, attendees will learn how Optum moved from random acts of content to messaging that is developed and disseminated for specific tracks and C-suite audiences, while still being aligned with quarterly themes.

Some of the key takeaways of this session will include:

  • How persona-specific messaging performs, especially with C-level audiences;
  • How content developed through a specific audience lens compares with generic messaging;
  • The impact of having a consistent cadence for content distribution to a C-level audience;
  • How the use of quarterly “anchor” assets, can be successfully repositioned for targeted audiences and segmented campaigns; and
  • The expanded impact of aligning a multichannel marketing mix to drive net-new, newly engaged metrics.

What's Next For ABM: Data & Strategies For The Future Of Your Marketing Program

Over the past five years, the responsibilities of marketers have changed dramatically. No longer just responsible for acquisition, the marketing teams at winning companies are taking a full-funnel approach.

Join Terminus VP of Marketing Justin Keller, along with experts Jillian Ryan from eMarketer and Charity Newsome from Command Alkon, to take a look at the real-world shifts in marketing and how your teams can take the lead with them.